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Three layers of Technology: Dapp, Web2, Web3

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Leadership Team

Ashton Addison
A leader, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast in blockchain technology since 2013. With a decade of experience in markup and website development, Ashton trades cryptocurrency and lives for Ethereum and smart contracts. He founded the online FinTech news broadcasting network Crypto Coin Show and has crypto communities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. By applying his experience from cryptocurrencies and decentralized tech to EventChain SmartTickets, he aims to make events cheaper and more accessible.
Jay Addison
Jay is the CTO of Click4Time Software. Jay took a keen interest in Bitcoin in 2009 and in 2013 he became a regular at the Bitcoin blockchain meet-ups and began formulating many concepts of applying blockchain technology to everyday products and services. Jay has also been a professional broadcaster for over 25 years and covered the Inside Bitcoins convention in Las Vegas in 2014, interviewing 34 top CEOs and founders of blockchain based start-ups. Jay can be seen on Reuters Insider Financial Network, YouTube, DailyMotion and many other media channels.
Lance Shaler
Exec VP
Lance is the CEO of Click4Time Software Inc. for 7 years with extensive booking industry knowledge – running award winning appointment booking software globally. He taught computer technology at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in Calgary, Alberta and has over 30 years in software development experience. Lance enjoys drafting and executing legal contracts, team building, corporate finance, and strategic planning. He was also the President and CEO of Sci-Com Data Services Ltd., which following his tenure sold for $63 million.
Dino Bassanese
Chief Product Officer
Dino is the President of Click4Time Software. He has many years of experience managing Software as a Service product development including in-depth target market research, competitor and strategic analysis, feature specifications, website design, wire framing and UI/UX, quality assurance. His project management skills include planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of his development and design team to meet specific goals under strict software project deadlines. His commitment to ensuring applications are user friendly and customer focused is unparalleled.
Geoffrey Spooner
VP of Sales
Geoffrey is a founder and VP Sales of Click4Time Software. He has an extensive background delivering high-level technological solutions to enterprise clients across the globe. He has been responsible for establishing Click4Time’s corporate clients, successfully bringing booking solutions to users in over 15 countries with a track record of success in developing and emerging economies like Africa. Geoffrey specializes in internal and external growth-driven marketing strategies and is fully dedicated to growing the EventChain communities uniting from around the world.
Jesse Couch
Core Developer
Jesse is a veteran cryptocurrency trader and advocate. He has numerous 1000x and 100x returns on coin startups. Considered a veteran in the cryptocurrency industry by his peers, he also has extensive knowledge and programming experience as a developer of cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as working in Linux, Apache, MySQL and in PHP. Entering the blockchain space in early 2011, he has long term experience trading bitcoin, altcoins and currently manages the Shares Per Hour Virtual Reality Business Networking blockchain platform, integrating blockchain business with virtual reality.
Chong Foo Chaw
Managing Director
Chong Foo Chaw has 25 years of experience in business management and start-ups across various industries, advising in areas including strategic business planning, intellectual property management and operations management. Mr Chaw started his career with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and has also served as the Senior Independent Advisor at Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance Limited Hong Kong SAR and People’s Republic of China, Director at Qualitas Medical Group, and Managing Director of Canadian Maple Leaf Holdings Ltd.
Bogdan Fiedur
Blockchain Developer
Bogdan is a Full stack developer and entrepreneur, mainly involved in "Smart Contract" design and implementation for Ethereum, using Solidity. Experienced in setting up network environments, running and maintaining servers, supervising teams of developers, preparing technical design documents, preparing testing plans and integrating existing applications with newer technologies. Overall Bogdan has over 18 yrs of experience in providing online solutions in online advertising and social networking and 24 years total IT experience.


Board of Advisors

Dr. Steven Funk
Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
Dr. Funk has Masters and Doctorate degrees, a private pilot’s license, and a ticket on the upcoming Virgin Galactic space flight. Dr. Funk is a founding director of Unitus, and founding funder of Unitus Capital, now the largest boutique investment banking group in the microenterprise space which recently surpassed $1 billion in funding initiatives to facilitate access to capital for businesses to scale and innovate. Dr. Funk also serves on the Innovations Board of the XPrize Foundation, lead by Peter Diamandis, and is an annual sponsor of TED talks.
Piotr Piasecki
Core Developer, Factom
Piotr "ThePiahcu" Piasecki is one of Factom’s Core Developers and has been involved with the cryptocurrency community since 2011. Piotr wrote his master thesis on Bitcoin security in Technical University of Lodz, in Poland. He is a former moderator and top contributor to the Bitcoin Stack Exchange annd current moderator of /r/Bitcoin subreddit. Piotr runs a number of Bitcoin-focused websites, including Vanity Pool and TestNet Faucet, and has been a blogger for major cryptocurrency media outlets like Brave New Coin, Crypto Biz Magazine and CoinDesk.
Jeans Tang
Founder and President of Blockchain Research Institute
Focused on Deep learning on the Blockchain and also a Venture Capitalist, Innovator, and Preacher. He started his career in entrepreneurship as CEO of KST Ltd (Guangzhou), SMB Inc. in New York, and ENT Ltd. Mr. Tang is also VP of The Nobel Prize Laureates Workstation. Mr. Tang led the developments of the earliest Artificial Intelligence and System Integration. Before BMR, Mr. Tang was the Vice President of Olympia Investments Ltd, and led the earliest investment in the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more.
Dror Medalion
CEO of Bitjob.io
Mr. Medalion is an Israeli blockchain entrepreneur focused on leading a dedicated team at Bitjob. Dror’s vision is to revolutionize online workplaces by applying the trust of blockchain technology to those in the labour force within and enable networking, compensation, rewards and incentives all through blockchain technology. Dror’s blockchain platform can be seen of Bitjob.io. Dror also acts as the Lead Project Manager and ERP Consultant at Complete Business Solutions in Tel Aviv, Israel. His ability to manage data driven systems sets him as a distinguished Board member of EventChain.
Dr. Amir Hajbaba
PhD, Corporate Finance
Amir obtained his PhD degree in Ireland UCC in 2011. His PhD dissertation examined the explanations of acquirer's under-performance following takeover completion. He has published and presented in both national and international journals in merger's and acquisitions. Dr. Hajbaba has worked throughout the finance industry including stock brokerage, venture capital and private equity firms. He has taught a variety of courses in Corporate Finance and Investments at a number of local and international institutions as an adjunct professor.
Amin Bohio
Security Researcher, Penetration Tester
Mr. Bohio has studied extensively in Computer Science specializing in Web Application Security, Exploit Research, Server Hardening, Bash, C, Python, PHP, Linux Server Administration, Penetration Testing, and much more. His main focuses have always been digital technology focusing on network, web, and software security. His duties include formal penetration testing, probing and pinpointing vulnerabilities, employing social engineering and managing Security strategies.
Rob Whittle
Marketing and Advertising
Mr. Whittle has over 25 years in Marketing and Advertising expertise and planning management including being the President of Omnicom Agency Group DDB Canada until 2008. During his tenure as President, DDB was honored with record breaking industry awards and became the most awarded Agency in the history of advertising on the Canadian scene. As well, Rob is a graduate from the Harvard School of Business Omnicom SMP Management Program, an accomplished broadcaster, public speaker and an active member of the public service community.
Richard Patterson
Event Promoter
Promoting over 100 concerts since 1994 in small venues (art centers) & large venues including sell out concerts at The Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Booking artists & venues for years has provided Richard first hand in depth experience of the issues faced by both the artists & the venues in event ticketing. Richard has over 35 years experience of founding, managing, and growing successful businesses, and was responsible for key technologies/market positions leading to multimillion dollars revenues for Sun Microsystems, Apple, and Dell.
Tanis Mercado
Business Development
Tanis is a partner and director of new projects for the Mercado and Associates Business Group (GEMA), a business group with 6,000 associates and has a strong presence throughout Mexico and the West Coast of the United States. GEMA’s focuses primarily on transportation, housing and commercial real estate development, retirement communities and franchise restaurants. GEMA operates Mexico’s leading companies in personnel and freight transportation. Tanis’ responsibility is the evaluation of new ideas and opportunities with social, ecological and economical bottom lines.
Keith Lownie
Keith completed his Executive MBA in 2006 and has over thirteen years of financial industry experience, working as an auditor with KPMG, and as a Stockbroker/Financial Advisor with ScotiaMcLeod. Keith began instructing full time in 2003 and has facilitated the examinations for the Chartered Accountant School of Business (CASB) and the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) Professional Education Program (PEP). In addition to his professional accounting designation he has held Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designations.
Tony Simonovsky
ICO Growth Hacker
Tony is a serial entrepreneur. Back in 2005 he started his first business, providing SEO services to clients in Moscow region. After working with SEO for around 7 years, he sold his business and became a nomad. At the same time, in 2012, he got interested in data science applied to online marketing. In the course of next 3 years he became a well-known expert in the area and is now running a successful business, helping companies worldwide become data-driven, still living a life of a digital nomad. In 2017 he joined several ICO’s, helping them with his 12 years of experience in digital marketing and growth hacking.
Mo Kumarsi
Cryptocurrency Consultant
Mo is an entrepreneur, Bitcoin and Ethereum investor and trader, blockchain evangalist and marketing expert. He has over 15 years of startup and business development experience and he currently provides consultation for multiple blockchain projects. Mr. Kumarsi is fully dedicated to growth and human excellence, and throughout 2017 he directed the management of business lead generation, marketing and long-term relationship building for multiple ICOs and has acted as a professional business consulant prior to the early adoption of blockchain technology in other early stage startups.
Giscard Friedman
Business Partnerships
Giscard is an entrepreneur, investment manager, blockchain evangalist and business relationship expert. He focuses on creating teams, teamwork intiative and motivation, and currently provides consultation for multiple businesses. Mr. Friedman has directed the management of business lead and partnership generation, marketing and long-term relationship building for many projects throughout America and has acted as an educator of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to the communities he serves.
Samir Bandali
Strategic Partnerships, CoinPayments
Samir is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for CPSCoin back by Syscoin and CoinPayments.net, hosting a community of nearly 800,000 vendors in 183 different countries, providing services with over 240 different Altcoins. He brings a wealth of experience in Client Relations. Starting out as an enthusiast and investor, Samir quickly used his interpersonal skills to develop a widespread global network in the industry, making him the perfect fit for the Director of Strategic Partnerships role at CoinPayments.
Peter Fang
Venture Capitalist
Peter is a Portfolio Manager of Hoovest Wealth Management, a division of Qwest Investment Fund Management Ltd. that he co-founded. He was an investment banker at J.P. Morgan and CITIC Securities, specializing in mergers and acquisitions, private placements, spin-off IPOs, and rights issues in the banking, insurance, real estate, and hi-tech manufacturing sectors. He has more than 10 years of advisory and financial services experience globally. After his career in banking in the UK and Hong Kong, he moved into the investment management industry, creating Hoovest Wealth Management and establishing and managing a series of investment funds.


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