CEO Ashton Addison Educated the Singapore Government Officials and Singapore Academy of Law at his recent Keynote address in Singapore. He led the many keynote speakers including the President of Microsoft.


Pricing Solutions

Finally event creators control the pricing of tickets on the primary and secondary market. SmartTickets are fully programmable, enabling smart contract code that can peg tickets at a permanent price, or designate a maximum markup value.

Counterfeit Solutions

Each SmartTicket has a unique number on the blockchain that makes it impossible to be sold multiple times or counterfeited on the network. An integrated ticket resale reputation system allows event ticket promoters and resellers to build their reputation in the secondary market. Scalpers will be clearly identified by their SmartTicket reputation.

Transparency Solutions

See how many tickets have sold so far and how many remain inclusive of primary and secondary markets. Using the Ethereum blockchain as a foundation for EventChain brings a higher level of transaction accountability, scalability and accountability to the event ticketing industry than any existing centralized ticketing architecture available.

Scalability Solutions

Ticketing platforms receive heavy traffic on the ticket release date. EventChain SmartTickets will be distributed on an unlimited number of websites through a plugin, dispersing traffic away from a centralized server, avoiding potential crashes and allowing significantly more people to buy tickets simultaneously.