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EventChain is the Future of SmartTickets™
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EventChain Blockchain Token Network SmartTickets™

Sell Tickets

Buy Tickets

Create Events Anywhere

Use the EventChain Mobile App or desktop client to create events and issue tickets.

Set Ticket Conditions

Peg ticket price floors, ceilings, or custom variables for resale tickets.

Control Resale

Set price controls, promoter commissions and spot scalpers with the EventChain reputation system.

Get a Ticket Quickly and Easily

Quickly purchase tickets on the EventChain app and enjoy.

Transparent and Fair

Blockchain tech displays the total tickets available, how many are sold and how many unsold tickets remain.

Digital Collections

Build and grow your digital ticket wall and share event memories with friends/family.

More Features

EventChain is full of great features! Learn more below.

Pricing Solutions

Finally event creators control the pricing of tickets on the primary and secondary market. SmartTickets are fully programmable, enabling smart contract code that can peg tickets at a permanent price, designate a maximum markup value, or attribute any other individual or group ticket pricing variables in either market.

Counterfeit Solutions

Each SmartTicket has a unique sequence number on the blockchain that makes it impossible to be sold multiple times or counterfeited on the network. An integrated ticket resale reputation system allows event ticket vendors and resellers to build and grow their reputation in the secondary market. Scalpers will be clearly identified by their SmartTicket reputation.

Transparency Solutions

See how many tickets have sold so far and how many remain for public events inclusive of primary and secondary markets. Using the Ethereum blockchain as a foundation for EventChain brings a higher level of transaction accountability, scalability and fungibility to the event ticketing industry than any existing centralized ticketing architecture available.

Scalability Solutions

Ticketing platforms receive heavy traffic on the ticket release date. EventChain SmartTickets will be distributed on an unlimited number of websites through a plugin, dispersing traffic away from a centralized server, avoiding potential crashes and allowing significantly more people to buy tickets simultaneously.

The Team

The EventChain Leadership Team consists of top business professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the fields of cryptocurrency, media & broadcasting plus many years of software development.

Ashton Addison

Chief Executive Officer

A leader, entrepreneur and technology enthusiast in blockchain technology since 2013. With a decade of experience in markup languages and website development and a constant thirst for knowledge, Ashton constantly studies coding, trading cryptocurrency, and living for cutting-edge decentralized technologies with a special place for Ethereum and smart contracts. He founded the online FinTech and digital currency news broadcasting network Crypto Coin Show and has crypto communities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. By applying his experience from cryptocurrencies and decentralized technology to EventChain’s SmartTicketing platform, he aims to make events cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

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Jesse Couch

Crypto Legend & Developer

Jesse is a crypto legend. Ethereum genesis block holder. Numerous 1000x and 100x returns on top crypto projects. Jesse is a veteran in the cryptocurrency industry, with extensive knowledge and programming experience as a developer of cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as working in Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP development languages. Entering the blockchain space in early 2011, he has long term experience trading bitcoin, altcoins and currently manages the Shares Per Hour Virtual Reality Business Networking blockchain platform, integrating blockchain business with virtual reality on the forefront of innovation.


Dino Bassanese

Chief Product Manager

Dino has many years of experience managing Software as a Service product development including in-depth target market research, competitor and strategic analysis, feature specifications, website design, wire framing and UI/UX, quality assurance. His project management skills include planning, executing, controlling and closing the work of his team to meet specific goals under strict software project deadlines. His commitment to ensuring apps are user friendly and customer focused is unparalleled.


Jonathan Waller

Marketing Manager

A force in the crypto community, Jonathan brings a creative, veteran marketing vision to EventChain. Jonathan is responsible for innovating strategic marketing initiatives and further expanding business relationships. His main focus is to identify and meet the needs of participants through insightful services and a broad range of marketing, technical, and creative solutions. Prior to his role at EventChain, Jonathan was a senior marketing manager and consultant for TimingEquity Services. Jonathan took his post secondary studies at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Canada for Computer Systems Technology (CST).


Board of Advisors

The EventChain advisory board is designed to review and evaluate the strategic roadmap and operational performance of EventChain. EventChain’s Board of Advisors consists of people with extensive track records as innovators and specialists in finance, marketing, software and blockchain/cryptocurrency industries.


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