We will be closing down the ticketing service as of June 29, 2021. Existing EventChain organizer please read our notice.
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Our Story

Our Team understands events and most importantly what it takes to organize memorable and powerful live experiences. At EventChain, we believe that bringing people together is essential for communities and we want to support the event organizers, artists and producers who make that happen. 

Because over $8 billion in tickets were scalped or counterfeited last year, we created a secure ticketing platform that fans, artists and event creators can


A group of real humans.

Once upon a time in our office, in the not too distant past, we sat together and answered some really tough questions. Questions that would come to define us as a team. Answers to those questions would explain our existence in this crazy software and events world. Coffee was drank.

Our conversations would lead us down a rabbit hole of team culture. What happened next… Well, you’ll have to ask us.  

Our Team

Ashton Addiston CEO, Founder
Ashton Addiston
CEO, Founder
Audine Watson Financial Administrator
Audine Watson
Financial Administrator
Navdeep Bains Financial Controller
Navdeep Bains
Financial Controller
Dino Bassanese President
Dino Bassanese
eventchain logo
Dr. Steven Funk<br> <i>Chairman</i>

Dr. Steven Funk

Charlie Wang Director of Business Development
Charlie Wang
Director of Business Development
Jay Addison Founder
Jay Addison
Lance Shaler COO
Lance Shaler

We are the life of the party

We are socially conscious 

We are experts in our field

Giving back is important

We believe that bringing people together is essential for communities to grow. Through our unique charitable initiatives, event producers can easily give back to their chosen causes.